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24 Hour Dispatch
Hunterdon County Communications

What You Should Do  When Your Child Is First Missing
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Two-day canine conditioning
seminar focusing on sport dogs, working dogs, and active pets.

Oct. 1-2, 2016

Erica C. Boling, PhD

Location: Elks Lodge, Flemmington, NJ

Time: Saturday 8am-5pm & Sunday 8am - 2 pm

Limited Working Spots: $250/2days

Auditing Spots: $140/2days

Contact Linda Murphy
for more information

Or call: 609-605-6694

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Our Bylaws (pdf)

West Jersey K-9 is a volunteer organization using highly trained dog/handler teams to find lost or missing people. West Jersey K-9 Search And Rescue is a 501c3, not-for-profit organization, member of NASAR and supported by it's members and public donations. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and give gladly of their time and skills to help save lives.

Personal expenses of members for equipment, travel and training are substantial and borne by each individual. West Jersey's dog / handler teams are trained to work in all weather conditions: snow, rain, heat or subfreezing weather. Handlers are first-aid/CPR trained and are proficient in orienteering (map and compass), radio communications and outdoor survival techniques. West Jersey members work in conjunction with rescue squads, police departments, and fire companies. Our handlers, trained in search management, can assist with search strategy and planning.


Search Is An Emergency - Call At Once! 
Call West Jersey K-9 SAR immediately when someone is lost. The longer the wait, the farther the subject can travel.

Call us promptly for the victim's sake.|
We don't mind being turned back if the subject walks out a short time later.

24 Hour Dispatch
Hunterdon County Communications
(908) 788-1202


West Jersey K-9 team members are constantly reviewing training goals so that each member can achieve a maximum level is skill sets. The team is seen here preparing for the days training events by reviewing maps, discussing logistics and planning individual goals for the day.

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